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About Our Classroom Exam Preparation


These are 2-day classroom courses. The classes enable you to learn step by step and go from being a “newbie” to having your Texas General Lines License. The classes cover every section of the state exam. We take care of all details from the exam’s terminology to its vocabulary. Also, students have the option to get a head start on their courses by going through the material and quizzes on video as soon as they register.

Classroom Rules

Our classroom is considered to be a neutral educational classroom facility. This means that if someone is sending a prospective recruit to us, they can be assured that they will get them back with a license in hand. We do not allow any type of “poaching” or recruiting to take place in our classes. We have heard stories about other companies trying to use a pre-licensing class as their recruiting ground. We have a ZERO Tolerance Policy and will ask those people to leave the class immediately.

Covid-19 Rules

We offer live webinars as an alternative to our classroom. If you are not comfortable coming to class, we recommend a webinar or video-on-demand course.

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